Hattori Hinoki

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Hattori Hinoki
ハットリ・ヒノキ Hattori Hinoki
Series Everyday Life and ZOMBIE
Magi Soldat
Age 20
Birthday September 20th
Blood Type O
Home Place Wakkanai, Hokkaido
Relatives Nomura Kensuke (Father)
Hattori Itsuko (Mother)
Nomura Mimi (Aunt)

Hattori Hinoki (ハットリ・ヒノキ <Hattori Hinoki>) is a minor character in Everyday Life and ZOMBIE and an upcoming major character in Magi Soldat. She is also a prostitute.


Hinoki is a brilliantly red-haired girl with golden eyes. She typically wears provocative clothing with her favorite outfit consisting of a crimson tube top, a dark grey miniskirt, and fishnet. She is most notable for her four absurdly wild bangs.


Hinoki is a very self-centered and materialistic woman. She only cares about her own well-being and sating her own desires. She typically speaks bluntly and aggressively, unafraid to speak her mind even in situations that, socially, call for tact and euphemism.

Her day-to-day personality while working, however, is in stark contrast and tends to differ by clientele. In general, she acts extremely effeminate and endearing, tending to refer to herself in the third person and calling her (prospective) clients by endearing names such as oniisan (lit. "big brother", though considered formal) or papa (usually for older clients).


Pre Works

Hinoki was born as the love child between salaryman Nomura Kensuke and fashion idol Hattori Itsuko. She spent her childhood living in luxury and was privately tutored by world-class professionals.

For undisclosed reasons, she unofficially emancipated herself from her family at the age of 15 and moved into an apartment. Though, despite living on her own, all her living wages continued to be paid in full by her father.

Hinoki took up prostitution as a job for extra money at the age of 16, though her motives behind such a decision are unknown.

Everyday Life and ZOMBIE

Hinoki encounters and propositions Handa Sugata one evening. Instead of a sexual congress, she is asked to take over Sugata's errand of buying sanitary pads from the nearby convenience store (presumably, for a small fee).

Magi Soldat

"If this self continues, there is no going back. You are now involved."
This section contains spoilers for material currently in circulation. If you are not caught up, plot points may be spoiled. Read at your own risk!

Hinoki is approached by Dilalin and requested to join the Magi Soldat Alpha Unit. Aware of the fate of the world and unwilling to leave her own fate to some strangers' hands, she agrees and becomes Magi Blaze. She quickly becomes an instrumental ally in fighting the forces of the enemy.


  • Hinoki's favorite food is pineapple.
  • Hinoki carries a small knife on her for defensive purposes.
  • Hinoki is allergic to pine nuts.
  • There is evidence to suggest that Hinoki is actually extremely intelligent and most likely a genius.
  • Hinoki intentionally writes her name in katakana, despite it having an official kanji spelling.
  • Hinoki's kanji given name is simply 桧.
  • During her childhood, Hinoki was proficient at playing the violin and, to a lesser degree, the piano.
  • Due to work-related dietary reasons, Hinoki does not eat spicy foods.