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ディラリン Dirarin
Series Magi Soldat
Age unknown
Blood Type unknown
Home Place Iaden

Dilalin Niy (ディラリン・ニヤ <Dirarin Niya>), often simply called Lin, is an alien from the planet Iaden, and a major character in Magi Soldat.


Dilalin is a young woman of figurine-like stature, being approximately 30cm (1ft) tall. She is easily mistaken for a doll from a distance.[1] She has long, vibrantly neon-blue hair and brilliant purple eyes. Her skin tone is somewhat pale with a slight yellowish tinge.

In certain circumstances, Dilalin's physical coloration may change. Currently, only two distinct "forms" have been observed: Red Mode and Gold Mode.

In Red Mode, Dilalin's hair takes on a neon-red[2] or neon-reddish-pink coloration. Her skin may also darken to a more pinkish tone. She was not initially aware that she even possessed this transformation, and has not expressed any understanding of what the form actually does. However, the form appears to be linked to moments of high emotion.

In Gold Mode, Dilalin's hair partially or fully takes on a golden hue. What this form signifies or enables is as of yet unclear. It may possibly be a "joke" transformation since its singular in-canon appearance coincided with Dilalin summoning a parody Goldion Hammer.


She is almost always wearing her military uniform, a seifuku-like outfit that is mostly light and dark grey with orange accents. She wears a matching headband as well. She wears thigh-high leggings with built-in soles beneath the feet.


Dilalin is a very energetic young girl. Compelled by her line of duty, she tends to get carried away with her efforts and, as such, is not above being blunt toward, shouting at, or hitting people who fail to cooperate.

When speaking Japanese, due to translation errors from her native tongue, she refers to herself as この僕 <kono boku, lit. "this me", stylized "this self">.


Magi Soldat

Dilalin travels to Earth, allegedly, for the reason of protecting it from some unknown enemy. She attempts to contact Itsumi Madoka.


During the initial conception phase of Magi Soldat, Rain decided to embrace the trope of magical girls having a "mascot"-type character. However, Rain was not particularly enthused by the animal-like designs found in series such as Cardcaptor Sakura and PreCure. So, instead, a human-like mascot was designed.

This original incarnation of Dilalin was known as Program (プログラム <Puroguramu>).


Dilalin's initial design was inspired heavily by Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha, specifically the character of Reinforce Zwei (size) and Tsukimura Suzuka (hair style). She wore a more traditional seifuku for unspecified reasons.

Due to the mostly monochrome nature of the prototype serial, Dilalin's hair and eye color were mostly unstated save for one color special page that established her hair and eye color as being both cyan.[3]

With the transition to the third, full-color serial, Dilalin gained her current name and design. Her hair was slightly altered in shading to give a more "neon" impression and her eyes were changed to their current purple color. Additionally, though not always readily apparent, her eye shape was made distinct as well.


In the prototype serial, Dilalin's ability to fly was accomplished through the use of insectoid/fairy-like wings that she could summon and dismiss at will. She was also able to generate a cloak called Photon Form which rendered her perceptible only to individuals with a sufficiently high exotic potential. Inexplicably, people who can see her in her cloaked form see a ball of light rather than Dilalin herself. With the third serial, these abilities were deprecated and replaced with the Hologram Flight Ring and Cloaking Barrier.

Strangely, the prototype Dilalin was capable of firing energy beams from her hands.[4] It remains to be seen whether the current iteration of Dilalin possesses this power as well.


  • Like Itsumi Madoka, Dilalin also has a love of strawberries.
  • Dilalin has a penchant for sitting on people's heads.
  • The name "Dilalin" is a portmanteau of "Dilal" --the Iali word for program or program data-- and "Lin".