Saruwatari Miki

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Saruwatari Miki
猿渡美希 Saruwatari Miki
Series Ellipsis
Age 16 (Ellipsis); 18
Blood Type unknown
Home Place Wakkanai, Hokkaido
Relatives Saruwatari Harue (Mother)
Abe Fujie (Aunt)
Saruwatari Shin'ichi (Half-brother)

Saruwatari Miki (猿渡美希 <Saruwatari Miki>) is a teenage girl and a student at Wakkanai Frontier Academy.


Saruwatari Miki is a teenage girl with long wild crimson hair and vibrant blue eyes. She has a rather large mole visible on her right cheek.

Miki tends to wear teal spandex, a denim miniskirt, and some form of baggy top or sweater. Despite having been born far later, her fashion sense is arguably very "80's". In school, she wears the standard academy girls' uniform.


Miki is the very energetic sort who loves to play. Much to others' chagrin, she'll often run rather than walk, and balance herself on railings and other ledges. Miki tends to think very little and live in the moment a lot, preferring simple answers and desires over complicated explanations and goals.


Early Life

Miki was the second child born to Saruwatari Harue, and to an unknown father. Shortly after her birth, custody of her was given to Harue's sister Fujie as Harue had no desire to raise children on her own. Miki would spend the majority of her life under the care of Fujie, alongside her half-brother Shin'ichi.


  • Miki is one of the few characters in the Canonical Works Universe who lacks any form of dormant exotic ability.
  • Miki's hair was originally pink in color.