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"It is a security violation to tell you this, but this self must inform you...."
This section mentions material not currently serialized. It may be subject to change without notice and thus become inaccurate. Either way, it is clearly spoilers. Read at your own risk!

Sakezanjin (サケザン人) are a race of demi-humans.


The name Sakezanjin is derived from the phrase sake isan (酒遺産), meaning "liquor heritage". In essence, their name can be read to mean "People of Liquor Heritage".



Sakezanjin are capable of undergoing various physical transformations as a byproduct of their divinely-created biology. These forms enable them to better utilize ki, better metabolize alcohol, or achieve other feats not normally possible in their default states.

While many transformations are present but merely latent within their genetic code, it is apparently possible for some Sakezanjin to spontaneously develop or otherwise evolve new transformations on an ad-hoc basis.

Super Sakezanjin

When subject to an overwhelming amount of emotion, Sakezanjin are capable of entering a temporary state that boosts their metabolic efficiency. This form, known as Super Sakezanjin, is characterized by the Sakezanjin's hair turning blonde and stiffly spiking outward and upward, and their irides turning a blueish-green color.

In this form, a Sakezanjin's metabolic efficiency doubles, reducing the ki cost of processing alcohol by half.

With practice, it is possible to memorize the sensations involved with the transformation, allowing for the form to be called upon at will.

Shin Super Sakezanjin

Sakezanjin who have attained and mastered the Super Sakezanjin form can further evolve its power by pushing the form to its limit. This can come in the form of yet further emotional turmoil or through intense training. This form is characterized by the Sakezanjin's hair growing much longer and wilder.

In this form, a Sakezanjin's metabolic efficiency is doubled yet again, granting an ultimately quadruple efficiency boost over their basal metabolic rate.

Sakezanjin God

A Sakezanjin who has mastered godly breathing is capable of taking on the form of a Sakezanjin God. This form is characterized by the Sakezanjin's hair and irides turning a pinkish red.

The form is named God not for its capabilities, but for its nature. In this state, the Sakezanjin no longer produces mortal ki and is capable of absorbing, retaining, and directly using ambient aoki, much like deities do. However, unlike true deities, the Sakezanjin God state cannot both take in and utilize aoki in the same breaths. Rather, a Sakezanjin must first fill themselves with as much aoki as possible, and then make use of it in the transformed God state.

Super Sakezanjin God

The result of applying super transformation while in the Sakezanjin God state, this form is arguably the peak transformative state of a Sakezanjin. In this form, the Sakezanjin is both directly utilizing aoki and operating at a higher metabolic efficiency.

This form is visually similar to a normal Super Sakezanjin, but both hair and irides take on a blueish hue.

This form is sometimes also called Sakezanjin Super God and Sakezanjin God Super Sakezanjin.

Super God Beyond Super

A theoretical form wherein a Sakezanjin assumes the God state and then powers up to Shin Super Sakezanjin. The form is considered to be either impossible or lethal if performed, due to the overwhelming physical stress involved in both pushing a super transformation to its limit and retaining aoki inside the body.

Ultra Muscle Memory (Glimpse)

"The more a body performs an action, the more it memorizes the motions involved in that action. At some point, the body becomes capable of performing those actions with little to no conscious input from the brain."

Sakezanjin who have been pushed far beyond their utmost limits physically and spiritually, to the brink of unconsciousness, may find their body continuing to act without them. Even without conscious input, the Sakezanjin's body continues to perform the tasks laid before it.

Mastered Ultra Muscle Memory

"Muscle memory is not strictly repeating the same steps. With time, the body will fine-tune the process and achieve the most efficient equilibrium. Perhaps... even evolution is not beyond muscle memory's grasp in that regard."

The theoretical ultimate, final conclusion to Ultra Muscle Memory. In this state of being, the Sakezanjin's body not only reacts to external stimuli through its own muscle memory, but actively fine tunes every biological process involved in those reactions. It is possible that the body will even break its own limiters if it has to.

For reasons unknown, achieving this state of being causes a Sakezanjin's hair and irides to turn silver.