Nelia Sanede

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Nelia Sanede
ネリア・サネデ Neria Sanede
Series Magi Soldat
Age unknown
Blood Type unknown
Home Place Iaden

Nelia Sanede (ネリア・サネデ <Neria Sanede>), formally Nelia Sanede Gise (ネリア・サネデ・ギセ <Neria Sanede Gise>) is an Iadena and a minor character in Magi Soldat.


Nelia has purple hair tied into a long braid. She has a habitual tic of placing an index finger to her lips.


Nelia was born into the relatively unknown Sanede family. With few credentials to her name, she endured a critical eye during the majority of her primary education. However, being a particularly bright young woman, she quickly made a name for herself and her family.

Upon graduation, she was accepted into the Gise Domain, where she pursued a career as a Tactical Theorist.

A few years later, Nelia was offered the role of Tactical Officer aboard the Gise Linel 2nd, which she accepted.


  • Nelia is a vegetarian.
  • Coincidentally, Nelia's hair and military rank share the same color (purple).
  • Nelia often considers dyeing her hair light blue.
  • When off-duty, Nelia is known to be an avid reader of erotic fiction. She claims it lends insight into the mind.