Minor World Building Elements

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The following is a compiled list of minor world building elements that are too small or insignificant for their own articles.

Species and Planets

The Original Species

The Original Species were the first known intelligent life forms to evolve within Cosmos-3 and are the genetic ancestors of all current intelligent life in that cosmos, including Earth's humans and the Iadena.

Little is concretely known about the Original Species beyond their genetic ancestorship and their possession of technology far surpassing any technology created by modern races. At some point after seeding life throughout known space, the entire species vanished, taking virtually every trace of their existence with them save for one knowledge cache.

Currently, it is unknown whether the Original Species still exists or if they perished or ascended to some other plane of existence.


  • It is generally considered true that the Iadena homeworld was also the homeworld of the Original Species.
  • According to Word of God, an unused plot line reveals the Original Species also left behind a massive ship capable of planetary engineering to an as-of-yet unnamed species.

The Jenide

The Jenide were a species of humanoids from the planet Jenid. They were only marginally more technologically advanced than 21st-century Earth humans at the height of their civilization. Due to an unidentified anomaly, their sun mysteriously lost most of the hydrogen in its core, exacerbating its age by billions of years, leaving only a few generations of time before it would exhaust its core hydrogen supply and begin its expansion into the red giant phase --a process that would consume the Jenide homeworld.

The Jenide spent their remaining time developing a nuclear-powered interstellar ark as an attempt to preserve their civilization. This ark was launched 50 years before the estimated radial expansion of their sun.

During their quest to reach a new world, the ark's emigrants encountered the Iadena and learned of the God Singularity. The emigrants hoped to negotiate with the Iadena for help. Initially, they hoped the Iadena could help offload the entire planet's population but were refused. They then pleaded for the Iadena to use the God Singularity to restore the hydrogen core fuel to their star but were also refused.

After a string of unsuccessful negotiations, the Iadena council became concerned the emigrants would attempt a siege in order to steal a fragment of the God Singularity and so authorized the destruction of the ark, condemning the Jenide to perish. This would be the Iadena's first genocide and the spark that lit the flames of a civil war.

Planet Hives

A planet hive is a rare evolutionary quirk where all life on a planet coalesces into a single multi-faceted hive mind. In essence, all life becomes interconnected as a single super-species. Generally, planet hives to do not possess any sapient or sentient facets. They are considered parasitic and a threat and so a number of intelligent species (including the Iadena) tend to eradicate them as they are found.

There have been at least three documented planet hives in the history of Cosmos-3.