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"If this self continues, there is no going back. You are now involved."
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The Japanese Special Forces Group (JSFG, 特殊作戦群 Tokushusakusengun) is the special division of the Japanese Ground Self-Defense Force in charge of anti-terrorism operations. The JSFG is responsible for handling the rising exotic threat in Wakkanai and the Magi Soldat team that appeared to combat it.


The Anti-Exotic Combat Strike Force (AECSF) is the sub-division of the JSFG created specifically to provide field combat support against exotic users. Lead by Lieutenant Colonel Rieka Rhys, it is composed of volunteer Japanese, American, and Canadian soldiers with no or estranged families. Officially considered a "suicide unit", the AECSF is authorized to engage exotic users at their discretion.


Battle Rifles



C-5S Brave Galaxy

The Brave Galaxy is a modification of the Lockheed Martin C-5M Super Galaxy designed specifically for AECSF usage. There are only three in existence, though one is currently still in construction. The Brave Galaxy is designed to transport components of Project Rail Driver. Aside from the necessary modified cargo bay, the Brave Galaxy is largely unchanged. Sometimes, it's erroneously referred to as the C-5S Heaven Breaker as an in-joke.

C-5SL Final Galaxy

The Final Galaxy is a planned further modification to the Brave Galaxy by NATO that improves its defensive capabilities and retrofits the design into a bomber. Its intended use is to deliver the shuukyoku payload (終局ペイロード), a cluster bomb containing multiple 210PJ-yield nuclear warheads. the Final Galaxy was conceived in the wake of the Wakkanai Incident. Fearing the potential of exotic users, NATO determined a necessity for a "finality" that could halt even a Class-1 Exotic Event, even if it came down to nuclear scorched earth. As such, the craft and its payload are referred to as "denouements", less so as "weapons".

AC-130J Ghostrider

The AECSF was loaned a complement of 5 AC-130Js from the US Military in response to the Wakkanai Incident to bolster air and air-to-ground support against exotic terrorism.

AC-130S Charon

The Charon is a heavily modified AC-130J proposed by NATO to serve as a guardian for the C-5SL Final Galaxy. Technical specifications are currently still classified.