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ゴッドブレーカ Goddoburēka
Series Magi Soldat (Extracanonical)
Age 18+
Birthday none
Blood Type unknown
Home Place Wakkanai, Hokkaido

Godbreaker (also known as The Godbreaker) is an extracanonical magical girl and a theoretical fusion character in Magi Soldat. She is a fusion of Namiki Maia and Kana Wallace.


Godbreaker is a young buxom woman with a noticeably big and muscular build. Her hair is curly and two-toned, being mostly blonde with pink-purple tips. She has vibrant pink eyes and sports bluish-purple tattoo-like markings on her face.

In combat, she wears an elegant seifuku-style Soldat Attire. Outside of combat, she prefers not to wear clothing at all. However, she is technically never truly naked as, when not needed, she has the attire take on the form of body tattoos rather than truly dismissing.


Godbreaker is rather arrogant and obnoxious, as well as somewhat shameless. She thinks very highly of herself and generally does not yield to any other authority. When speaking, she typically refers to herself as 俺 <ore> or 俺様 <oresama> and calls others by non-suffixed surname.

In battle, she is a complete stoic, focusing entirely on combat and not speaking unless necessary or calling out an attack.


Godbreaker possesses a number of potent abilities in combat, but only a few are known at this time:

  • Infinite Energy Singularity: Godbreaker is able to generate an endless amount of psycho-exotic energy with which to fight.
  • Impact Magnum (インパクト・マグナム inpakuto magunamu): Godbreaker's basic melee special. She focuses energy into her fist and then punches the target, flooding that energy into the target upon impact.
  • Connect Magnum (コネクト・マグナム konekuto magunamu): Godbreaker's basic ranged special. She fires a concentrated beam of energy from her fist.


  • Godbreaker has no actual name.
  • According to Word of God, Godbreaker is both acutely hypersexual and bisexual.
  • The artist commonly ships Godbreaker with Mimia Silva.
  • In most of the extracanonical material, Godbreaker is a permanent and irreversible fusion.