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悱龍 Feilong
Age ??? (Soul); 20 (Body)
Blood Type unknown

Feilong is a young Dragon Deity embodying the emotion of sloth and the element of water.


Early Life

Like all Dragon Deities, Feilong was not traditionally born, per se. Rather, she was found as an infant in a bundle of dragonstone and adopted by a kindly middle-aged couple.

Teenage Years

Feilong endured a difficult puberty, as her body began to manifest its dragon traits and powers. She also gained an incredible bust size.


Being part dragon, Feilong has access to a number of draconic powers. However, due to her lack of energy and training, she tends to never use them and struggles when she does.

Dragon Fist

Feilong's arm becomes enshrouded in a blazing energy resembling a proper dragon's arm, hand, and claws.