Sakura Naomi

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Sakura Naomi
TBD Sakura Naomi
Age 23
Blood Type unknown
Home Place Wakkanai, Hokkaido (former)
Sapporo, Hokkaido (current)

Sakura Naomi (sometimes known by the nickname Cactus) is an independent original character with no specific source material.


Naomi is a geek (or perhaps nerd) at her core. She loves science, science fiction, and the mysteries of the universe. In her element, she is known to hyper-focus to the point of others needing to intervene to make sure she eats and sleeps. She believes that humanity is on the cusp of 'the next great discovery' but cannot put into words what such a discovery would be.

Though outwardly excitable and social, Naomi is a strong introvert. When her social battery drains, she tends to become anxious and testy, and yearns for solitude. Typically, it is this need for recharging that often fuels her hyper-focus.



Naomi attended Hokkaido University where she double-majored in aerospace engineering and physics. Upon graduating, she took a one year academic break and then returned to the university to pursue a master's degree in physics.

Currently, she is working on her Master's Thesis on excitation of the Higgs Field and gravimetric distortions of space-time.


Outside of academic research and her thesis, Naomi has occasionally worked as a freelance science-fiction proofreader, and as a waitress for a local independent burger restaurant.

Personal Life

When not working, Naomi enjoys space operas and nature hikes with a friend's dog.


For the majority of her life, Naomi had never outwardly expressed interest in relationships with other people and declined the few invitations from others. When her parents attempted to arrange a marriage for her, she swiftly dismantled the entire situation. Her colleagues at her university occasionally joke that she is married to science itself, and that her thesis is her child.

Naomi has stated that her lack of interest in relationships and marriage has nothing to do with a lack of interest in people; rather, she simply feels she would not find satisfaction in dedicating herself to a singular person, and would rather keep to a dynamic circle of close individuals.