Lynn Rain

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Lynn Rain
Born 1991 (age 30–31)
Residence USA (Midwest)
Other names Star
Spouse(s) Tessa Albrecht (engaged 2016)

Lynn Rain is a comic artist who works under the online handle StarSumiaki.


Rain's appearance is largely a mystery due to a continuing preference for privacy. Rain frequently jokes about being "a hobo" in terms of appearance.

Artistic Career

Rain began self-learning how to draw in 5th grade and started drawing serial comics in 9th grade. Most of these comics did not attain an online presence.

In 2008, Rain received a Wacom Intuos3 drawing tablet as a Christmas gift and began drawing digitally using GIMP and later Paint Tool SAI. Rain attempted two online comic series but shortly dropped the matter altogether by mid 2009.

In 2011, Rain resumed drawing web comics with Ellipsis: A Slice of Life One Day at a Time, a quick-and-dirty 4koma that ran for 65 strips before being retired. Due to physical computer damage, Rain was forced into a semi-hiatus from not only the comic but art in general. Though the technical problems were solved in a matter of months, the inertia of disuse and involvement with other hobbies kept Rain from resuming art full time for the better of a year.

In mid 2012, Rain began to feel an impending ceiling on artistic capacities due to the "proxy-esque" nature of the Intuos tablet, and purchased a Wacom Cintiq 12WX to replace it. In December of that year, Rain resumed drawing comics yet again with the new series Magi Soldat which ran for 89 semi-to-bi-weekly pages.

In late 2013, Rain became dissatisfied with the pacing and inconsistency of Magi Soldat and decided to reboot the series. This reboot, titled Magi Soldat: Shinsouban <Magi Soldat New Release> ran for a minor 9 pages before cancellation and further conceptual improvement. Rain would also attempt to reboot Ellipsis but very quickly shelved the idea.

In mid 2014, Rain began serializing the third draft of the series, Daishinsouban Magi Soldat: Magical Girl of Wakkanai <Great New Release Magi Soldat: Magical Girl of Wakkanai>, which boasted a far larger page size and full color art with every page. Daishinsouban Magi Soldat was a much slower serialization compared to its predecessors but Rain was exceedingly happy with its improved quality. As of February 2017, the series has reached the end of its first chapter after 38 pages.

In January 2015, Rain began serializing a second series yet again, in the form of Nichijouseikatsu to ZOMBIE <Everyday Life and ZOMBIE>, a no-holds barred 4koma series noted for being uncharacteristically risque and violent. The series was intended to act as an "anti-burnout" --a second project that Rain could work on to mitigate the characteristic burnout that comes with working on one singular project for a very long time.

Rain also dabbles in addition one-shot works but currently does not place much emphasis on their serialization.


Rain attended one year of general community college in 2010 before transferring to a proper university.

In 2011, Rain began pursuing a Bachelor of Science in electrical engineering. After a year of classes and a brief encounter with MATLAB and verilog, Rain decided to shift majors to computer science instead. Rain is still currently pursuing a Bachelor's in computer science and predicts a graduation date of by May 2018.

Despite being a professional artist by technical definition, Rain has no formal training in art.


Unlike most online artists, Rain does not have a typical online "persona" --a drawn caricature of one's self. Rain jokingly asserts this is due to a "physically incapability" of drawing a proper one. Instead, Rain substitutes various OCs as proxies (namely, Itsumi Madoka or Sumiaki Nune).

At one point, You Mizuno was briefly used as a persona, though such a decision was not entirely serious.


Rain's largest influence as an online content creator is Fred Gallagher of MegaTokyo fame:

Years ago, I found a volume of MegaTokyo on a bookstore shelf and it changed my life forever. Prior to that point, I don't think my worldview even considered the possibility of comics as a living if you weren't Japanese or didn't work for Marvel/DC/etc. "Independent comic artist" wasn't in my vocabulary. Discovering Fred completely changed that. While I don't suppose I'd have ever stopped drawing comics if doing it for a living happened to be impossible, it certainly hasn't hurt to have it as a fringe benefit motivation. I suppose, such a notion was an inevitability though (laughs). I mean, at some point, I would have learned about any of the number of other artists who make a living doing comics.

In regards to Rain's artistic style:

Time ago, I really wanted to draw like Watsuki. That was my ultimate goal in life. But at some point I guess I just realized that wasn't feasible and achieving that wouldn't get me much artistic merit anyway so I just went my own course. I don't really know what all influences my style but I suppose it's not wrong to say I cherry-pick things here and there from art styles I like and play with them until I find something I enjoy. What constitutes "my style" is whatever is natural and fun to draw at the time. For now, it seems to be very thick lines and very simple backgrounds. It gets the job done!


  • Rain signs all SFW and non-R-18-explicit content as "スター~☆" <star> and all explicit R-18 content as "隅空き" <sumiaki>.
  • Rain has central heterochromia.
  • Rain enjoys sleeping on the floor and, in fact, went without a bed for years.
  • Rain is a big fan of Gunpla (Gundam Plastic Models), owns a number of high and master grade kits, and has two in-progress "kitbash" models.
  • Rain once worked as a software programmer in the defense industry.