Artifacts of Venus

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The Artifacts of Venus are an unknown number of powerful technological objects created by the presumed-deceased Sisterhood of Venus. Each artifact vastly differs in functionality but all share the trait of only being usable by women.


The Artifacts were created with the intent to provide a means for women across the cosmos and beyond to secure equality, equity, and peace. They are inherently misandrist pieces of technology that cannot be utilized by men.

The Achilles of Venus

The Achilles of Venus is a inexplicably cloth-like object that "reveals secrets" to its owner. How it specifically functions is unknown but scriptures by the Sisterhood depict women wearing the Achilles like a scarf, draping the loose ends around target men, and somehow "learning" these men's vices and other weaknesses.

The Quickening of Venus

The Quickening of Venus is womb-shaped object that appears to possess properties related to terraforming, but requires obscene amounts of energy to properly function.

The Quickening was discovered on a decaying planet, where it served as the core to a world engine that sustained the remaining mass and prevented its further disintegration. The Quickening was left alone at the behest of the planet's surviving natives.

The Heart of Venus

The Heart of Venus is an empowering stone-like object that awakens latent abilities within women. How it reacts to individuals with no latent ability is unknown. It does not respond to men.

The Heart will oblige any woman who touches it, but those who seek power for unjust reasons will also find themselves cursed in relevantly ironic ways. There is evidence that this programming is faulty, however, and that the Heart will curse any woman who dares to touch it.

The Star of Venus

The Star of Venus is a malicious genocidal weapon and the most powerful of the artifacts. It was designed by the Sisterhood as a last-ditch effort against an inconsolable patriarchy.

The Star is capable of imbuing godlike strength and ability into its wielder, though it does not confer immortality. However, this blessing is only offered to women with "the purest, most righteous fury against man". All other individuals are instead smote in a conflagration of holy fire.

According to Tsunashi Junko, the Star of Venus is truly wretched not for its utterly callous reaction to the majority of living people, but because it is the one Artifact that does not acknowledge transgender individuals. Even with a sufficient fury, a transgender woman would still face the Star's fiery wrath.

Other Artifacts

To date, NETSA believes there are at least three other Artifacts of Venus somewhere in the universe. They remain ever vigilant, never ceasing their search to acquire as many of the artifacts as possible and keep them safe.