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The Iadena are a nation and ethnic group native to the planet Iaden, who serve as minor antagonists in Magi Soldat.


Iadena are a humanoid race largely visually similar to humans. In terms of stature, the average Iadena tends to reach heights of around 5 feet (approx. 1.5 meters) and sport a thin musculature.

Iadena typically live to upwards of 170 Earth years.

Internal Anatomy

Iadena internal anatomy shares much in common with human internal anatomy, with only a few deviations in the form of a third kidney and a second liver.

The third kidney is of no special purpose. Primitive Iadena originally had an asymmetric pair of kidneys. The larger second kidney ultimately split into two smaller kidneys. The Iadena second liver is a specialized organ for handling toxins found in various tubers. It is significantly smaller than the primary liver.

The Iadena skeleton is slightly thicker than a human skeleton, and its rib cage contains only 11 pairs of ribs.

Blood and Typing

Iadena blood is functionally identical to human blood. It is richly red, iron-based, and makes use of hemoglobin for oxygen transport. Iadena possess their own set of antigens, which differentiate their blood types into 6 common groups.

Reproduction and Sexual Organs

Iadena are sexually dimorphic, and possess sexual organs comparable to those of humans and other Earth mammals. Iadena also reproduce through sexual intercourse.

Iadena women experience fertility seasons for the bulk of their young adult lives. As they mature, these seasons begin to shorten until reduced to a duration comparable to human menstruation.


Iadena are biologically omnivorous, and are capable of consuming most edible matter. However, despite this metabolic versatility, the average Iadena is largely vegetarian, with the bulk of a typical Iadena diet coming from starches and fruits. This diet is supplemented with lesser vegetables to promote variety in flavor profiles and synthesized proteins to achieve nutritional completeness.

This particular dietary strictness is a side-effect of the Iadena being a largely space-faring people. The necessity of rationing and considering storage constraints led to the Iadena people disfavoring foods with larger overhead. This, in turn, led to the Iadena shying away from meat, nuts, legumes, certain grains, and dairy. These types of foods are often relegated to special occasions, such as the Festival of our Heritage, or niche independent restaurants.

Iadena avoid spicy foods entirely, as their digestive tracts are heavily susceptible to capsaicinoids. Consumption of capsaicinoids can incapacitate an Iadena with severe pain and diarrhea. Oddly, despite this susceptibility, Iadena taste receptors are apparently unresponsive to its presence.